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The Mediasphere Channel Partner Program

The Channel Partner Program is designed to appoint strategic partners who will market and sell Mediasphere’s Learning Management System products (online training software) and Content Management System products (website software) to the global marketplace. The Channel Partner Program also allows for content producers to build training on the portal and then sell the integrated product as a product.

mediasphere channel partner programThe goals we wish to set for our ongoing association are:

  1. The delivery of specific products that meet your business and market sectors.
  2. Growth and development of existing and new business in your territory.
  3. Satisfactory sales and profitability for both parties.
  4. Reputable and professional service to clients.
  5. Personal and financial satisfaction.

The benefit of a channel centric strategy is for Mediasphere to leverage off a diverse range of independent operators that have established businesses that operate in one or more of the following:

  • Geographic area (region).
  • Vertical market (Government, Corporate, Education, Not-for-Profit).
  • Specialised sub-market (HR products and services)
  • Product specialization.

The expansion will be managed through the strategic expansion of the existing Global Channel Partner Program. These independent operators form the Channel Partner Program and Mediasphere is interested in working with operators in all market verticals and the targeted geographic areas with the following channel attributes:

  • Exposure to an established customer base.
  • Utilise an existing sales force.
  • Facilitate cross selling of our product with their existing products.
  • Gain representation in geographic areas.
  • Gain representation in vertical & sub-vertical markets.
  • Utilise existing logistics operations.
  • Leverage off existing economies of scale.

Partnership Levels

The Channel Partner Program offers three alliance levels. The levels include the following:

channel partner levels

To learn more about the Channel Partner Program, please download the Mediasphere Channel Partner Program and contact Mediasphere on 1300 787 611 or intenational +61 7 5555 0180.