BMW Launches Online Induction with InductNow

//BMW Launches Online Induction with InductNow

BMW Launches Online Induction with InductNow

BMW Australia Finance have streamlined their compliance procedures through online induction 

software – InductNow.

BMW Australia Finance has operations in Australia and New Zealand and is headquartered in Mulgrave, Victoria.  The key business activities of BMW Australia Finance consist of the provision of retail and wholesale financing facilities for prestige motor vehicles.

As part of its ongoing commitment to compliance, BMW engaged Mediasphere to create a dedicated online induction and staff training portal. The portal provides a personalised training hub for all staff with access to courses, events, information and links that relate to their business.

BMW online staff induction

The InductNow Solution for BMW

The InductNow solution for BMW provides a personalised training platform for all staff to deliver compliance training and industry information.

InductNow has provided BMW with the ability to:

  1. Deliver a personal training dashboard and a range of custom login pages
  2. Build and publish their own training courses and learning programs
  3. Publish relevant policies and key documents to each staff member
  4. Publish and email BMW Bulletins to assigned Training Groups
  5. Create hierarchical Training Groups for each department and dealerships nationally
  6. Assign multiple managers to each training group to track staff progress from mobile devices
  7. Publish visual and data export reports on all training metrics
  8. For staff to upload external training events and have this validated online by the Competency Team

Innovation with Custom Branding for BMW Training Groups

The BMW Training Portal features real innovation with the InductNow dynamic branding capability. As the company caters for a range of products, they have added custom branding to each Training Group which means that when a staff member logs the portal is rebranded with their logo and stylesheet. The branding is automatically applied to the portal and appears on all certificates as a single or co-brand document.

Let Us Help You Deploy and Manage Your Online Induction Portal

Contact Mediasphere to learn about our vast range of online induction and training solutions. We have automated functions around induction, intuitive self-registration portals and file upload onboarding solutions. Chat with our team on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180.

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