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Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy Software

BroadLEARN is the most advanced early childhood literacy and numeracy software which is used by over 250,000 children. Mediasphere is one of the world’s leading digital publishers and its award-winning educational software, BroadLEARN Early Learning, is licensed by schools and kindergartens in Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, North and South America, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.

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In Australia, over 1,700 kindergartens and schools have licensed BroadLEARN for use in the curriculum. In addition, BroadLEARN is accessed online by 120,000 students in over 30 countries. Mediasphere’s innovative market approach includes the provision of server software for institutions and online portals with real-time assessment and reporting for students globally.

Early Learning Literacy and Numeracy Software

The multi-award winning early learning literacy and numeracy program features over 300 interactive learning and assessment activities. Customised versions have been created for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, China and Japan. The software includes Spanish, Japanese and Chinese translation.

BroadLEARN™ Early Learning offers teachers and parents the opportunity to provide learning experiences for young children in developing language and mathematical skills.


The BroadLEARN™ world is home to Lindy Loo and Jesse and their pets, Peppy and Rocco. The four characters guide the students through over 300 learning activities to help drive their success in reading, writing and numeracy.

The Broadlearn Early Learning Program

The BroadLEARN™ online interactive world provides:

  • Nine interactive staged story books
  • Nine karaoke songs with English text
  • Sixty-three interactive staged learning activities
  • Forty-five treasure chest reward activities
  • Twenty-two multi-lingual translation activities
  • Twenty-seven staged assessment activities
  • Ninety classroom activity sheets
  • Teacher Manual and online parent guide

BroadLEARN and the Early Learning Classroom

The BroadLEARN software has been designed to accentuate the potential of ICT in the Early Learning classroom by allowing teachers to use computers as collaborative learning tools. The innovative and flexible design of BroadLEARN enables teachers to use the digital resource with the whole class, small groups or individual children. The activities have been also optimized for use on an Interactive White Board.

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Home School Access – Early Childhood Literacy and Numeracy Software

The BroadLEARN™ Early Learning program has been designed to link teachers, parents and students.  The online access allows parents and children to learn together, while providing assessment feedback to parents and teachers.

International School House

Children can enter the International School House where they can engage in a range of language learning activities including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. These translation activities provide a valuable resource for English-speaking children learning a new language or young children learning English.

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Visit the BroadLEARN Early Learning website to learn more about the early childhood literacy and numeracy software. Contact us on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180 for more details on BroadLEARN Early Learning