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CertNow – Online Certification Software is a Breakthrough Product for Online Assessment and Certification


The CertNow Assessment Management System (AMS) is a SaaS mobile platform to assess competencies in the cloud for organisations and training organisations. The CertNow online certification software allows your organisation to create interactive and responsive assessment tasks which can be supported with content modules and online courses. CertNow delivers a complete assessment and online eLearning ecosystem with interconnected portals for:

The Learner or Trainee | The Trainer | The Assessor | The Employer | The Workplace Verifier


 The CertNow Assessment Workflow

The CertNow Assessment Workflow can be customised by enabling the portals you require for your project. For instance you may or may not need a Trainer as part of your certification. A typical assessment process could include the following stages:

Setting Up a Certificationcloud certificaton

  1. Course writer creates a certification and adds assessment and verification tasks
  2. Course writer creates content modules and courses and adds to certification
  3. Learner registered in certification training group
  4. Assessor and Trainer assigned to the training group
  5. Employer assigned to the training group
  6. Employers adds their managers as verifiers and assigns the learner to the verifier

Assessment | Certification Process

The CertNow online certification software provides the following structured workflow:

  1. Learner access the certification from the Learner Dashboard
  2. If enabled, the Trainer provides learning support and sets tasks and provides tuition
  3. Learner completes assessment tasks online and can reference the course material if required
  4. Learner submits and resubmits non-achieved assessment tasks
  5. Learner triggers workplace verification tasks to commence
  6. Verifiers assess the learner’s verification tasks
  7. Learner completes or resubmits verification tasks
  8. Assessment and Verification tasks queue with Assessor
  9. Assessor reviews and releases assessment results
  10. Certification or Qualification awarded to learner – AVETMISS data shared

certnow assessment workflow
The Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard

The Learner Dashboard displays the following functions and services for the trainee:

  • Learners name and image
  • The assigned qualifications or certifications
  • The Assessment Modules
  • The Learning Material
  • Notifications supporting the assessment process
  • Contacts (Assessor, Trainer and Verifier)

The Learner Dasboard is customised with your logo and style-sheet. The learner dashboard is dynamic and delivers automatic updates alerting the learner when an assessment has been achieved. The learner also receives a series a system of alerts that guide then through an assessment or verification re-submission request.

When a certification or qualification has been achieved the system publishes the personalised certificate.

My Learning Material

The My Learning Material Tab features resource or course material presented in self-contained modules.

My Learning MaterialThe CertNow Learning Material functionality provides the following functions:

  • When accessed the menus are hidden and the the module is presented at the top of the page
  • The modules are customised with your stylesheet to present a professional display
  • The modules feature an interactive index that allow the learner to navigate to required content pages
  • Content can feature text, images, multimedia, streamed video and audio and tagged documents
  • SCORM content can be added to the Course Editor to publish these resources in your learning material
  • Your Course Editor can use the template designs to produce professional courses or modules without the need for authorware
  • You build unlimited courses or modules and assign these to a specific qualification or certification
  • Unlike our Learning Management System software (the Lion LMS) the learning material does not include any assessment. The assessment is presented as self-contained activities and the learning material can be accessed by the learner as support material.

My Assessment Tasks

The Assessment Tasks present the innovation and intuitive nature of CertNow assessment. Instead of using the traditional approach of adding assessment in the form of tests as part of your courses, the assessments are now independent standalone modules. The CertNow platform has been designed to be fully responsive and can be accessed by all connected devices including iPad, iPhone, tablet and Smartphone.

CertNow Assessment Tasks

The CertNow assessment engine is intuitive and flexible. All assessment data (outcomes and all aligned comments and feedback between the assessor and the trainee) is recorded and stored in your database. The system integrates with Student Administration Systems and provides full data integration between these systems.

The CertNow assessment engines allows for the following functions:

  • When an assessment task is open, tasks are still displayed
  • Multiple tasks can be opened simultaneously
  • The learner completes the questions in fields provided
  • Learner selects ready to submit for each task
  • Status changes in the Learner, Assessor and Verifier Dashboards
  • After all tasks have been completed, the system is updated automatically and will allow the trainee to submit their responses to the Assessor for final assessment

Free Trial of the CertNow Assessment Management System

Contact us on 1300 787 611 04 +61 7 5555 0180 to discuss how CertNow will manage your certified training programs. Our team can provide you with a free trial and webinar to demonstrate how the software will take control of your accredited and non-accredited programs.