Corporate Course Development

//Corporate Course Development

Corporate Course Development

Converting Your Existing Training Courses

Mediasphere has extensive experience in the design, planning and development of effective corporate e-Learning modules.

The development involves the establishment of a partnership between the clients’ content experts and the Mediasphere in-house Corporate Course Development team, managed by our lead instructional designer.

Often clients have developed their own range of presentations and resource booklets that have been used as part of the face-to-face training induction programs. These organisations engage our content development team to convert the existing resources to onscreen induction courses using the content editor in the LMS. The instructional design services include the following:

  • Re-writing content to appear on content pages
  • The build of a clickable course index
  • The integration of your images and video into the content pages
  • The build of your assessment questions to generate certificates
  • The upload of your policy documents into the Document Library
  • Our most popular service is to convert your existing training documentation (PowerPoints and documents) into an online interactive course. Our instructional designers and designers ensure that your current content is presented professionally and engages and assesses your learners.


Experts in Online Corporate Course Development

Online Corporate Training
Mediasphere has extensive experience in developing unique corporate learning courses that deliver on your business outcomes.

Mediasphere understands that your business requires an agile corporate training program that lives and breathes the culture of the company. Your new corporate training program will include the following key features and functions:

Adult Learning Principles

  • The learning and training activities need to incorporate the latest research in adult learning principles
  • The training program needs to incorporate individual learning styles and deliver contextual courses that reflect required skills, expertise and knowledge
  • The course intelligence should remember the last page visited and when an employee logs on for subsequent training, it should take them to the current page or topic.
  • The employee needs to have ownership of their training and be able to map their progress at any time through the course
  • The employer should log onto the program and receive their own course and not be able to view other courses
  • The course interface needs to present the employee with a series of custom options which includes on/off voice-overs, access to transcripts to print, screen size, breadcrumbs, multiple pathways through the course material and options for submission of course progress reports


Interactive Training Activities

  • As a focal part of your training courses, Mediasphere builds a range of multimedia activities that provide instruction and consolidation on your key business goals. The activities can include:
  • Interactive actiivities that provide directed and constructivist learning activities with drag and drop, locate key words, correlations and stepped screens to explain corporate concepts
  • Simulations and visualisations to present key corporate concepts
  • Video based decision-tree activities that allow employees to view a scenario and make value judgements and then deal with downstream consequences of their decisions
  • Interactive books with page turning capability to present some detailed concepts
  • A series of granular screen capture videos of your key applications with voiceover to provide support and guidance
  • Existing resources, videos, manuals and policies that could be downloaded Increasing staff productivity


Tracking, Assessment and Reporting

  • Employee performance must be tracked, assessments automatically corrected and reports generated instantly.
  • The course needs to deliver summative pre-tests, topic tests, post tests and summative topic tests as part of the assessment protocols
  • The employee should have controls (as appropriate) that allow them to publish the progress reports and assessments when they are satisfied with their achievement in a specific area
  • The employee needs to receive regular and varied feedback throughout the course with the use of formative assessment, progress reports and competency rankings Post-Training Access to Support Your Staff
  • The employee needs to understand that the corporate training program exists post initial training. Post initial training, staff logon to the training helpdesk and enter key terms and phases to receive granular and contextual information to assist them with the work
  • In the post training area, we can create an iPhone application that would allow employees to access granular instructional videos, podcasts etc on key applications or key parts of the training that may be required within the workplace after training


Course Administration

  • The course administrator will be able to load all courses, staff corporate induction, business development manager, recruitment coordinator, office manager and reception plus any additional courses
  • Administration will be able to generate a series of detailed reports that plot individual or group performance throughout the course
  • Employees should be able to contribute to the enhancement of the course by allowing feedback to be recorded throughout the course and the completion of a compulsory survey needs to be completed by all respondents. Data can be cross-referenced in reports to refine areas that need improvement
  • An option may be the provision of an employee e-Portfolio that records an employee’s progress, completed courses and allows the employee to make notes and annotations that exist during and post training. The company may wish to use the e-Portfolios as part of their employees professional statement and growth

A Scalable and Self Managing Training Platform

  • A key part of the project is to develop the Corporate Training Program on the Powerhouse Learning Management System. When Mediasphere delivers the solution, our team provide custom manuals and face-to-face training to your Course Administrators to enable them to manage all part of the program. Management includes:Corporate induction
  • Adding and importing staff
  • Setting up accounts and passwords for staff
  • Editing and updating current courses
  • Authoring and adding unlimited courses
  • Adding and /or updating assessment
  • Exporting and publish reports
  • Exporting the training database
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