CyberEcho Goes Live with Mediasphere.

//CyberEcho Goes Live with Mediasphere.

CyberEcho Goes Live with Mediasphere.

Bravehearts are an organisation dedicated to educating and protecting children from sexual assault. They aim to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.

Bravehearts provide education and protection across a vast range of platforms such as:

  • Personal safety in schools and childcare
  • Mandatory reporting requirements,
  • Child protection policies
  • Training and awareness programs
  • Counselling services
  • Inquiries
  • Reviews and sentencing laws

What exactly is CyberEcho?

Bravehearts have worked closely with Mediasphere over the last number of months to create an innovative learning program for teaching cyber-safety to upper primary students called CyberEcho. Bravehearts created CyberEcho to provide kids with the correct knowledge and information to make them aware of the dangers online anCYBERECHOd how to be online safely. The target age group for CyberEcho is students between the ages of 8 to 12 years old (years 4-6).

CyberEcho is developed in constitution with Australian Federal Force and the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.

CyberEcho aims to educate young people around the positive and exciting potential of the online world, as well as the dangers of cyber communication, and to provide them with the skills and strategies to help them learn, interact and communicate safely while online.

Using PowerHouse to incorporate lessons both offline and online allows for teacher facilitated, interactive activities and assessment that is individually managed by the schools and teachers.

This module is purchased per class and learning is managed by the class teacher online, this allows the class teacher to track student progress, check assessment results, print out course pages and issue the certificates of completion.

The system provides a maximum of 35 individual student accounts so each student can work at their own pace through the module. The online platform adopts a blended learning style that includes audio presentations, film clips, posters, online assessment, interactive activities and a reflective journal. The journal is a large part of the online resource provided as a printable pdf and must be used ‘offline’ as a student workbook and referred to throughout the course. The journal can also be used for assessment purposes, facilitate discussion, relate to real life experiences and reflect on the learning outcomes.

What do we provide to CyberEcho with our Platform?

  • Easy purchasable modules for all schools, teachers and child based organisations.
  • Custom Workflow
  • Verification of each school purchase.
  • Audio presentations, film clips, posters, online assessment, interactive activities and a reflective journal.
  • Printable login details for each student
  • Ability for teachers to add 35 students to their personal manager dashboard.
  • Manage and track all students progress, logins and assessments
  • E-shop capability for schools to buy teacher work books and poster packs on cyber safety.
  • Ability for teacher to switch from teacher to student dashboard
  • Automatic updates for expired courses for schools.

Mediasphere are extremely proud to work with CyberEcho to enable them to educate children and help to protect from negative and dangerous aspects of the cyber world. It was a complex project that we took very seriously and are extremely proud of. Our PowerHouse platform enables CyberEcho to reach schools and teachers all across Australia efficiently and with ease.


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