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Webservices and APIs

The Mediasphere online training software platforms have been developed to operate as a complete hosted solution that delivers all of the required induction program functions and stores all reporting data in the system database.

Our platforms have been developed on a PHP MVC framework which integrates with a MySQL database. Each client is provided with their own database and the data (text, images, documents, multimedia) they upload remains their Intellectual Property and is protected by privacy legislation.

Active Directory Integration

LDAP integrationThe Mediasphere platforms are LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) compliant and we support integration with Active Directory to streamline learner data exchange and access protocols. Contact us on 1300 787 611 | +61 7 5555 0180 to learn more about our Active Services integration.

End User Data Integration

Our software has been developed to seamlessly plug-in with your user databases. We provide a wide range of ways to add or link learners to your platform. After binding with your users we are able to use web technologies to ensure data is exchanged in accordance with your business needs. Your data integration options include:

  • Integration with API and web services from external databases (CRM, Payroll, HRIS)The Lion LMS API
  • CSV import and export functionality in the administration portal
  • Self-Registration forms to create automatic accounts
  • Activation key module to self-register large groups accessing your training
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality between existing systems

Database Integration: API and Web Services

The agility in the technical design of the platform provides the ability for clients to access the InductNow API to integrate specific datasets with their existing employee or contractor database.

Mediasphere provides the technical team to build custom webservices and also deliver Single Sign On (SSO) services between existing web systems including Microsoft SharePoint and enterprise systems.

Our Service Level Agreement and Support SeWeb service programmingrvices

The database is supported by a 10 day rotational back-up which also includes automated backup to an offsite NAS. The services are hosted at a Tier 1 Australian hosting facility with an in-country hosting for all clients through Rackspace. The investment investment in high end cloud hosting infrastructure services means that Mediasphere can provide database and application support and provide warranties on our Service Level Agreement response times.

Please contact our technical team on 1300 787 611 | +61 7 5555 0180 for more information on our seamless data integration and our Service Level Agreement (SLA).