e-Commerce, Shopping Carts and Online Advertising and Online Secure Payment Systems

Mediasphere’s website solutions include inbuilt e-Commerce solutions to assist your business in generating online revenue. Our secure e-Commerce services are wide ranging, simple to understand and designed to assist you in all aspects of your business.

e-Commerce Solutions to Suit your Requirements

Mediasphere has extensive expertise and experience in designing secure, robust and intuitive e-Commerce solutions specific for your industry. The LionLMS features the following modules:

  • e-Shop Module
  • Course Cart Module
  • Event Manager
  • Webinar Manager

1. The e-Commerce Shopping Cart

The LionLMS provides a comprehensive e-Shop Module. The e-Shop provides the ability to upload all of the products you wish to sell online. You simply add an item and then add a description, upload images and input the price. The e-Shop manages automation of tax in different countries and calculates the postage based on your business rules.


2. The Course Cart Module

The Course Cart Module allows businesses to build their own courses and sell these online. The Course Cart enables you to sell individual courses or a collection of courses i.e. an industry certification or qualification. There is also the option to add discount codes and to change the display settings. The course cart is integrated with Ezidebit to deliver seamless payments and receipts.


3. The Event Manager Module

The Event Manager Module allows you create and add news events to your websites. Your visitors can register online and pay to attend if you have added a fee to your event.


4. The Webinar Manager Module

The Webinar Manager Module allows you set and promote your webinars through your website and allows your visitors to register (and pay) online to attend.


SSL security certificates
Our e-Commerce team can assist in building base secure websites or fully deployed industry secure sites with SSL security certificates, secure sockets layer, restructured databases and more to deliver data and payment security.

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