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InductNow – Online Induction Software

InductNow, built on the Lion LMS, features a module upgrade that delivers a custom online induction platform for your staff and contractor training. The InductNow software provides the following solutions:

  1. Online Staff Induction Portal
  2. Online Contractor Induction with a Self Registration Portal
  3. Online Visitor Induction Portal

Contact us on 1300 787 611 for more information or visit the InductNow Website to register for a free software trial.


Online Staff Induction Software

The InductNow software is your total management platform to manage the build and delivery of your staff and contractor training portal. The InductNow platform delivers online courses, webinars and events with assessment, tracking, certification and reporting.

Online Contractor Induction Software

The InductNow software is the complete solution to manage your contractor induction. The features on the InductNow online contractor induction software include:

  1. A hosted contractor induction portal with your branding and graphics
  2. A custom self-registration portal with your contractors and their businesses
  3. A custom onboarding portal for contractors to upload their licenses
  4. A custom contractor induction course with safety and workplace tests
  5. Personalised contractor compliance certificates


Online Staff Induction Training Groups

The InductNow online induction software allows you to add unlimited training groups to match your your training needs. You may wish to create training groups for your different staff departments to allow managers to view and track their staff. If you have multiple office locations, you may wish to create groups and sub-groups based on location. After you have created your training groups you can provide custom training portals by assigning:

  1. Staff, Contractors and Clients
  2. Online Induction Courses
  3. Learning Programs, Events and Webinars
  4. Managers
  5. Branding (to have custom designs displayed on each group)


Contact us on 1300 787 611 for more information or visit the InductNow Website to register for a free software trial.

Online Induction Reporting

The InductNow Online Induction software provides a series of safety and workplace reports that provide you with the business intelligence to manage your staff and contractors. InductNow features a range of administration reporting that can write automatically to your staff database or payroll system. In 2015, we are pleased to announce the release of visual reporting for all managers which can be accessed instantly from their iPhone, iPads, Smartphones, tablets and computers.


Contact Us or Visit the InductNow Website

InductNow manages your staff and contractor induction programs and allows you to deliver your own custom solutions. InductNow is the most comprehensive and affordable software on the market. Contact us today on or call 1300 787 611 – International: +61 7 5555 0180.Visit the InductNow website to learn more about the software and the functions that will automate and strealine your staff and contractor inductions.