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The Use Interactive Multimedia Content in Your Online Courses

To build and manage interactive multimedia content, Mediasphere provide two unique options:

  1. License our platform to build and publish your own interactive content and courses
  2. Engage our Content Development Team to build your courses.

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interactive multimedia content template

The Interactive Multimedia Content Publisher

The Mediasphere Content Publisher allows you to license our software and publish unlimited html5 and SCORM compliant courses. The publisher allows you to use response page templates to quickly build your interactive multimedia content. The page templates include video, audio, tabbed sliders, expand collapse, wells for quotation, emphasis content pages and more. Learn more about the Mediasphere Course Publisher.

publish your own slider content

Engage Our Interactive Multimedia Content Publishing Team

To enhance the presentation of your online courses, Mediasphere’s Interactive Multimedia Content Development Team can build your courses or individual video or multimedia objects. As a guide, our team can create the following asset options:

  1. Tabbed image sliders
  2. Expand/collapse functionality
  3. Designed images
  4. Match activities
  5. Image hotspots
  6. Adobe Captivate 8.0 Presentations

We use JQuery libraries in the development of these multimedia assets to ensure that the assets function on all mobile and conected devices.

1.    Tabbed Image Slider Activities

The image sliders are designed to group together important information, and provide an interesting way for the learner to engage with the content. The sliders will comprise a maximum of six tabs. Each tab will include both images and text.
Tabbed sliders

2. Expand/Collapse Activities

The expand/collapse functionality allows you to add text-heavy content to your course content pages in format that will allow the learner to chunk the information. For those instances where your text is vital and cannot be edited, the expand/collapse tool is most useful. This functionality will allow your learners to read your important information without becoming overwhelmed by a great deal of text on the page.
Expand Collapse activities

3. Custom Animated Images

Mediasphere can also create images for use in your eBooks and courses. Generally, these images involve an image purchased from Shutterstock which is then adapted to suit the message that the image is conveying. Our multimedia team can develop animated sequences and simulations to demonstrate a key concept or workflow.
Custom images

4. Match and Drag and Drop Activities

For an indication of how all Match Activities will work, please refer to this link:
Match activities

While Mediasphere can provide an indication of the price for a Match Activity, each activity would need to be reviewed in line with the requirements. Mediasphere’s Developer has provided the following list that is in order of lowest price to highest price based on complexity.

  • static text, draggable and sortable text-boxes, no feedback or right/wrong answers
  • static text, draggable and sortable text-boxes, with feedback or right/wrong answers
  • static text, draggable and sortable text-boxes, with feedback or right/wrong answers, and ability to either continue/discontinue dragging boxes
  • draggable text (possibly randomised), draggable and sortable text-boxes, with feedback or right/wrong answers
    (Please note that this list is not exhaustive).

drag and drop activities

Option One: Standard match activity
In this activity, all text will begin within the container. The list of text on the left will be static (cannot be moved), while the list of text on the right side can be moved around by clicking a text box and dragging it up or down the list to match the correct term on the left. We strongly recommend no more than five boxes of text be used in this activity.

Option Two: Match activity with images
In this activity, the text begins within the container, with the images positioned above the text. The text on the left is static (cannot be moved). The learner would drag the image next to the matching line of text. This is based on no more than five images to match five lines of text.

Option Three: Basic match activity
This activity will work similarly to Option one: Standard match activity. Instead of dragging the content to match the correct text, the learner will select the matching text from a drop-down list. We strongly recommend no more than five boxes of text be used in this activity.

5.    Image Hotspot Activities


Mediasphere has developed the Hotspot Image Manager that allows us to create interactive images with clickable and draggable options. The way that the Hotspot Image tool works is as follows:

  • The Hotspot Image tool is currently part of the Assessment Editor.
  • The image can be embedded in the course, and we can strip out the intro/conclusion to the assessment to make the addition more seamless, and to avoid further programming costs.
  • The hotspot tool works in percentages. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that the hotspot on the image is 10% both from the top and left, and is 10% in both width and height.
  • Currently, the hotspot tool works as either a Click or Drag. In this example, you may ask your learners to “Click on the largest petal”, or “Drag the hotspot to the inner part of the flower.”
  • Your requirements are possible, but will require further consultation and programming.

Example:hotspot question

6. Adobe Captivate Course Development

Our Content Development Team is also are highly experienced in the build of courses using Adobe Captivate 8 – i.e. using the authorware to build and export courses in SCORM and html5 format

captivate course development

As a guide the cost of development is approximately $100 ex GST per page. Different levels of media and simulations do have an impact on the cost.

Contact Our Interactive Multimedia Content Team

Contact our talented and experienced Course and Content Development Team to discuss your next interactive multimedia content project. We have the capacity to deliver a stunning solution on budget and on time.  Call us on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180