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Online Courses, Learning Programs, Events, Webinars, eCommerce, Alerts, Document Libraries, Manager Portals…endless features

Lion LMS online training softwareThe Mediasphere online training software is built on the award-winning Lion Learning Management System (LMS). The Lion LMS is a comprehensive e-Learning platform that powers the online training portals for our clients. The platform allows you to build and import your courses, assessments, certificates and publish events and webinars to your learners.

You can deliver your own training programs by creating your own Training Group structure and assigning courses, managers and learners to your groups and subgroups.

The Lion LMS: Delivering Your Responsive Online Learning and Training Portals

The Lion LMS is a fully featured eLearning portal that includes an extensive range of modules and tools to enable you to self-manage and expand the functionality of your eLearning portal. The core Lion LMS modules include:

LionLMS SaaS eLearning software

The Lion LMS User Dashboards

The Lion LMS Training Software features an intuitive and scalable set of user Dashboards. View the ServiceIQ Training Portal as an example of a client site. A typical Lion LMS Customised Login Page is displayed below:

carinity login page

The online portal provides the following dashboards:

  • Learner | Trainee Dashboard
  • Manager | Manager Dashboard
  • Verifier | Assessor Dashboard
  • Admin | Super Manager Dashboard

The Lion LMS Learner Dashboard


The Lion LMS Learner Dashboard is the personalised dashboard for your staff or learners. The dashboard features:

  1. Personal Profile
  2. Access to assigned courses
  3. Access to assigned webinars and face to face training events
  4. Streaming news and announcements
  5. Custom set of documents and files to download
  6. Certificates and Training Record

 The Lion LMS Event and Webinar Manager

In addition to building and assigning courses and learning programs to your learners, the Lion LMS allows you to create and assign face to face training events and online webinars. Learners can register instantly to attend an event or webinar and after the activities are completed, personalised attendance certificates are published to the Training Record for each learner.

anmf dash

Reports and Certificates

The Lion LMS features the Certificate and Report Manager to allow you to track and assign customised certificates to your training activities. The Certificate Managers controls the build and assigning of custom certificates to your training courses and activities.

The Report Manager features an extensive set of open-ended reports in the Administration Portal. These export in CSV format or can be linked via web service to your CRM or payroll system. The Manager Portal features real-time visual reports of staff progress in the areas of competency, compliance, risk and talent.



The real power of the Lion LMS is found in the seamless plug-ins that dynamically build a range of customised training portals. The Lion LMS forms the key of all training products and a custom set of modules provides all of the additional functionality and features required inductions, continuing professional development, eCommerce and accredited training portals.

the lion LMS plugins

Contact Us to Discuss Your e-Learning Needs

We understand that one training platform cannot meet all training needs. The Lion LMS and the free Lion Plugins allow you to continually customise your training portal to meet your business needs. Contact us on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180 to discuss your hosted e-Learning portal | Alternatively email