Mediasphere Launches PowerHouse Hub

//Mediasphere Launches PowerHouse Hub

Mediasphere Launches PowerHouse Hub

Mediasphere has launched PowerHouse Hub Software Suite. PowerHouse Hub delivers business process management, online training, performance management and certification.

The PowerHouse Hub Software Suite includes the following products:

  • PowerHouse Engine
  • PowerHouse Compliance
  • PowerHouse Competency
  • PowerHouse Career
  • PowerHouse Certification

The software features onboarding, eBooks, courses, surveys, webinars, events, communication, file sharing, 360 degrees reporting, competency and career management and policy process workflows.

powerhouse hub

Tony Carrucan, CEO Mediasphere, is ecstatic with the release of PowerHouse Hub. He explains that “since 2008, we built a range of award winning software applications to provide competency, compliance, process and certification solutions for our clients”.

Tony expanded that “although our software was awarded as a global Top 10 business application, we have now incorporated these products into the Hub software suite  to ensure that clients can seamlessly upgrade to incorporate multile products. With the Hub, a client can choose their own starting point which could be induction, compliance, competency, performance management, business process management or talent management. They then have the option to select their own upgrade by enabling additional PowerHouse Hub Products that expand the portal and centralise the data back to the HRIS, CRM or enterprise application”.

Tony describes the innovation in all products is “found in in custom dashboards that visualise all data and make the data real for end user. The data visualisations, alerts and recommendations change for staff, manager, executive, business, contractors and visitor portals”.

Learn more about PowerHouse Hub at

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