Mediasphere launches AusGoal - a new direction for the Australian Government

Mediasphere is pleased to launch the new AusGoal website based on Mediuasphere's award-winning web platform.


AusGOAL is funded and developed by the Australian Governments, through the Cross Jurisdictional Chief Information Officers Committee (CJCIOC).  AusGOAL builds upon the Queensland Governments Government Information Licensing Framework (GILF).  The CJCIOC thanks the Queensland Government for its development and past stewardship of GILF.  


What is AusGOAL?


AusGOAL, the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework, provides support and guidance to government and related sectors to facilitate open access to publicly funded information. AusGOAL makes it possible for organisations to manage their risks when publishing information and data in a way that drives innovation and entrepreneurial activities; providing enhanced economic and social benefits to the wider community.  AusGOAL is aligned with numerous open government initiatives around the world and supports the Australian Information Commissioners Open Access Principles (HTML).


Visit AusGoal - www.ausgoal.gov.au

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