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Effective and Affordable Online Course Development

Mediasphere is a multi-award winning online course development organisation. Our team of instructional designers, script writers, video producers, animators and developers provide the one stop shop to build a simple induction course or to plan and publish every module for your certification course.

Learn more about our existing Course Library in the PowerHouse website.

Our team has the flexibility to convert your existing training materials into a stunning online courses which can feature your content with images, video and audio with an interactive index and assessment which generates your reports. In addition, we can modify our bank of existing workplace and compliance courses to include specific information and assessment for your organisation.

The Mediasphere Online Course Development Workflow

The Mediasphere online course development team adopt the following workflow in the planning and deployment of effective online training courses.

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The adoption of the online course development workflow is essential to ensure that the published course is effective, challenging and generates a set of metrics that can be tracked and reported.

The key aspects of the workflow include:

1. Defining the audience demographic includes age, gender, culture, readability to ensure courses content is appropriate.

2. Defining the learning environment to ensure that the course is promoting self-motivation and independence.

3. Setting the course objectives is essential to ensure that the content covers the topics and meets course goals.

4. Setting the assessment metrics is important to ensure that course produces data that is trackable and generates reports.

5. The design of the course content sequence is a pivotal part of the design as it sets up the structure and flow of the content.

6. The build of the interactive assets is vital to demonstrate, extend, enhance and expand the meaning and interpretation of the course content.

7. The integration of formative and summative assessment sets up the tracking and reporting framework of the course.

8. The compilation and the publishing of the course includes the application of interactive course menus, integration of voice-overs, accessibility transcripts and course packaging (SCORM).

Mediasphere build courses and content for clients on our eLearning platform and for clients that have already deployed their own LMS and require high quality courses to be developed.

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Online Course Development Expertise

Mediasphere has extensive experience in developing unique corporate learning courses and interactive learning experiences that deliver on your training outcomes. Your interactive training modules will incorporate the following:

Online Courses – Adult Learning Principles

adult leaning principlesMediasphere online course development projects incorporate the latest research in Andragogy (adult learning principles) and the learning activities are be matched to the learner demographic. We understand that your training program needs to incorporate individual learning styles and deliver contextual courses that reflect required skills, expertise and knowledge.

The learning pedagogy can be designed to incorporate:

  • Instructional learning sequences
  • Directed learning experiences
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Constructivist learning deliverables
  • Instructional learning sequences
  • Directed learning experiences
  • Experiential learning activities

Constructivist Learning Principles

Our online course development team have extensive experience in planning, designing, building and implementing online learning projects which incorporate the following elements:

  • Where appropriate the learner should have ownership of their training experience and be able to make decisions which impact the learning with related consequences
  • The learner should be able to map their progress at any time through the course
  • The assessment should offer a range of approaches including didactic, absolute and objective and subjective depending on the training outcomes
  • The course provides access to transcripts to print, screen size, breadcrumbs, multiple pathways through the course material and options for submission of course progress reports

interactive multimedia content template

Interactive Training Activities

As a focal part of your training courses, Mediasphere builds a range of multimedia activities that provide instruction and consolidation on your key business goals. The activities can include:

  • Video based decision-tree activities that allow employees to view a scenario and make value judgements and then deal with downstream consequences of their decisions
  • Interactive books with page turning capability to present some detailed concepts
  • Simulations and visualisations to present key corporate concepts
  • A series of granular screen capture videos of your key applications with voiceover to provide support and guidance
  • Interactive Flash Objects or html5 assets that provide directed and constructivist learning activities with drag and drop, locate key words, correlations and stepped screens to explain corporate concepts (note Flash is not accessible on iPads and iPhones)
  • Existing resources, videos and manuals that could be downloaded

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Contact Us to Discuss Your Online Course Development Project

Contact our Content Development Team on 1300 787 611 or +61 7 5555 0180 or email us to discuss your next animation project. We can assist with ideas and concepts to help guide the planning stages of your project.