Mediasphere provides clients with custom web programming and database integration services to improve business performance and efficiency.

Supported Programming Languages and Software Suites

  • Our highly qualified programming team provide web programming services and the following is a sample of our supported languages and software suites:
  • Planning a database structurePHP
  • ActionScript
  • Java
  • AJAX
  • Linux Administration
  • SQL / MySQL
  • C / C++, .NET
  • ASP (VBScript)
  • SSL and FTTP (Linux and Windows)
  • Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Visual Studio, Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 including Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project and VISIO
  • Open Source CMS (i.e. Joomla, Drupal)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, MysqlYog, ZendStudio, Vi Linux text editor

How Our Programming Team Can Assist You

Our team provide responsive and tested database solutions for your organisation. Our success is based on the fact that we get to know and understand your business and we work with you to deliver the perfect project. The team are highly experienced in project management, client liaison, project documentation and training. We deploy Best Practice standards in our management and use Rapid Application Development in most our our production projects.

Our Recent Projects

Mediasphere has successfully delivered dynamic, database driven websites, applications and integration with third party systems. These include:

  • Database Driven Websites Database structures
  • Custom e-Commerce Solutions
  • Social Network Government and Business Portals
  • Integration with Sales Force and other Web Applications
  • Real Estate, Finance, Beauty and Accommodation Database Websites
  • Flash Interactive Websites
  • Live Video Streaming Websites
  • Dynamic Visualisations and Impact Database Websites
  • Corporate Investor and Live Share Information Websites
  • Image Galley and Slideshow Websites
  • API Integration
  • Intelligent Web Directories
  • Calendar, Event, Blog, Catalogue and Chat Websites
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