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Online IELTS and Early Childhood Education Portals

In addition to building content and courses for our clients, our Education Team also focus on the build of online educational products for a global audience. Mediasphere online education titles include:

  1. BroadLEARN Early Learning
  2. BroadLearn IELTS

BroadLEARN Early Learning

BroadLEARN Early Learning – An interactive play based learning portal for the early childhood sector and home markets. The product delivers a structured literacy and numeracy program that builds around the child. The program provides resources for parents and teachers to guide the learning.











Visit the BroadLEARN Early Learning Summary Page

Visit the BroadLEARN Early Learning Website


BroadLearn IELTS – An online IELTS Test Preparation program developed in partnership with the University of Queensland (ICTE-UQ). The program provides extensive practice activities in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and there are also a range of Practice IELTS tests in the portal.

ielts test preparation









Visit the BroadLEARN IELTS Summary Page

Visit the BroadLEARN IELTS Website