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PowerHouse Certification delivers accredited and non-accredited courses with an articulated workflow involving Assessors, Verifiers, Trainers and Employers. The platform features interactive assessment question types that provide the veracity to deliver validated certification online. Certifications can include workplace verification tasks that are channelled automatically to assessors who provide multiple feedback against individual trainee responses. Additional plugins provide secure identity verification using facial and visual biometrics.

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PowerHouse Certification Feature Checklist

  • The assessment is presented on one screen where all tasks can be opened, completed and closed without turning pages
  • The assessment interface provides a visual checklist for your learners with an intuitive workflow to guide completion and submission
  • The assessment offers a range of highly interactive questions including drag and drop, sequencing and image hot-spot questions.
  • Additional assessment questions include file upload, extended text response, multiple short answer questions, true and false and multiple choice questions
  • The content is totally flexible to all video, audio, simulations, text, images, streamed media, text and hyperlinked documents
  • The Learner and Trainer dashboards feature messaging, file shares, tasks, assignments, study calendars and collaborative learning tools.
  • The ability for your administrator to set Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) credits for a learner
  • The ability to add knowledge and workplace verification question types to the assessment. The knowledge questions are moderated by your assessors and verification is performed by verifiers
  • The ability for government and industry bodies to audit assessment to authorise the accuracy and authenticity of the certification.
  • The ability for your employers to add their own verifiers to manage workplace verification
  • A structure assessment workflow which is supported with automated notifications and dynamic reports
  • The ability to access all assessment and learning from PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad


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