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PowerHouse Onboard manages organisational compliance with self-registration portals for contractors, staff, visitors and businesses. The functionality delivers an Induction Portal with re-induction alerts, identity management, file uploads and induction certificates. The Manager Portal features an approval process for uploads and delivers real-time tracking and reporting of end users. The platform includes a multi-tenanted solution with custom branding for all Training Groups.

PowerHouse Onboard Feature Checklist

  • Online induction workflows for staff, contractors and businesses
  • Visitor induction with custom visitor passes
  • File upload capability with review and approval workflows
  • Ability to deploy multiple login pages: standard login, contractor registration, contractor and business registration, visitor registration and eCommerce login
  • Business alerts for course expiry and annual re-inductions
  • Manager Dashboard with induction remote management and business analytics
  • Hierarchical training groups for contractors, visitors, business and staff
  • Ability to assign courses, events, webinars, files and news to each group
  • Ability to add custom brands to each Training Group
  • Online Induction Reports and Custom Report Generator
  • PowerHouse Product upgrade pathway


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