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PowerHouse Perform delivers a complete performance management platform with decision-based and activity-based capability tracking. The platform features 360 degree reporting, competency profiling, peer endorsements, peer feedback, personal learning plans and a centralised portal to support staff reviews and appraisals. The platform, maps learning styles, publishes personal goals and delivers rich visual and data reporting for learners and managers.

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PowerHouse Perform Feature Checklist

  • Ability to create custom capability schemas
  • Assign staff to decision-based capability tracking
  • Assign staff to activity-based capability tracking
  • Staff dashboards with visual reporting on risks and capabilities
  • Ability to provide peer endorsements that publish on dashboards
  • Ability to publish peer review feedback to managers
  • Personal Learning Style visual data displays
  • Create Personal Competency Learning Plans and assign to groups
  • Create Policy and Procedure Workflows and assign to groups
  • Ability to add Scenario Branch activities in courses and e-books
  • Ability to assign a capability or risk matrix score to all assessment
  • Ability for staff and managers to set personal goals linked to competencies
  • Access to all reports including a report to track and generate data on staff capability
  • Ability to deploy multiple login pages: standard login, contractor registration, contractor and business registration, visitor registration and eCommerce login
  • Ability for Managers to assign learning plans, review competency alerts, review peer feedback / endorsements and add manager feedback on all staff

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