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PowerHouse Talent delivers a complete career pathway platform with career succession planning and the ability to promote internal career opportunities. The platform allows staff to select their preferred career pathways and commence the learning plan. Selected Career Pathways are pushed to personal dashboards and managers can approve or redirect staff career direction.

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PowerHouse Talent Feature Checklist

  • Powerful upgrade to the PowerHouse Performance product with the addition of the Career Pathway Dashboard
  • Ability to create a career hierarchy for the organisation
  • Create unlimited Career Pathways with multiple courses, e-books, surveys and tests
  • Assign Career Pathways to specific Training Groups
  • Publish career opportunities within the organisation to staff dashboards
  • Staff can search and apply to complete a Career Pathway with Manager approvals
  • Ability for view staff who have completed specific learning pathways and invite to apply
  • Ability to assign a mentor to manage specific Career Pathways
  • Message mentors and receive alerts and access to mentor documents and news
  • Ability to deploy multiple login pages: standard login, contractor registration, contractor and business registration, visitor registration and eCommerce login
  • Ability for Managers to assign learning plans, recommend Career Pathways, review career alerts and review and approve career pathways
  • Access to all reports including a report to track and generate data on career pathways

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