Taking on the Future in Recruitment

//Taking on the Future in Recruitment

Taking on the Future in Recruitment

ONLINE VISION – Innovative recruitment technology is a game changer for recruiters says Tony Carrucan, CEO and managing director of Mediasphere.

The mobilisation of the workforce, accessibility of data and the shortage of quality candidates have been disruptive influences in the recruitment sector. While some agile recruitment companies have leveraged this change to offer new product and services, many of the largest recruitment companies have yet to make significant change to how they operate. This resistance is based on the fact that their business model is still profitable. Intel’s founder Andy Grove’s warning has never been more pertinent. He explained that “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.”

There is no doubt that the shift in power back to the talent has been caused by the fact that high quality employees have more options than ever before due to a globalised workforce. It is essential that recruitment companies are ready to address this challenge by using more creative and relevant tools and workflows throughout the entire recruitment process is essential in how you hire employees and most importantly retain the talent until they commence in their new roles.

Mediasphere is well positioned to help recruiters navigate this change with the innovative PowerHouse Hub Campus Software Suite.


View the full story written by our CEO, Tony Carrucan and published in the Global Recruiter

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