Mediasphere: Top 10 Learning Management Systems 2016

//Mediasphere: Top 10 Learning Management Systems 2016

Mediasphere: Top 10 Learning Management Systems 2016

The Mediasphere team are extremely proud to receive the news that we have been named as one of the top 10 Learning Management Systems in 2016. Technology magazine HR Tech have released a special edition on LMS featuring a list of Top 10 LMS Providers chosen by a distinguished panel comprising of CHROs, CEOs, VCs, analysts including HR Tech Outlook editorial board.

HR Tech have acknowledged our passion and drive “for going beyond just testing, training, and record keeping tools” and recognize that “the new age LMS is geared to foster employee engagement and employee retention.” with our LMS platform.

InductNow Horizon

Since 2006, InductNow has been the software of choice for many leading companies including BMW, Mantra Group, Rio Tinto, Aviation Australia and an additional 500 businesses globally. HR Tech have recognized our decade of hard work and passion “InductNow, Mediasphere’s dedicated online training platform has reaffirmed its place as the leader in the online training software sector with the launch of InductNow Horizon.”

Our CEO, Tony Carrucan, is exuberant about the fact that roles have been reversed. “Our clients do not have to learn about how our software functions. InductNow has the intelligence to consume our client’s workflows and business practices. We are proud of the fact that all of our customers have their own unique deployments of InductNow,”

Tony explains that our newest release, “InductNow Horizon will finally deliver HR professionals with unrivalled visibility and reporting on their staff and contractors.” InductNow Horizon goes beyond any standard LMS “the new software allows organisations to automate their workplace compliance and performance management.”

Tony clarifies that, “the changing workplace has compelled us to rethink the traditional LMS. Online induction used to involve converting PowerPoint presentations to courses and adding assessments to track staff progress. We have listened to HR and Safety Managers and understand that our software needs to provide personalised dashboards that guide on-boarding, deliver WHS compliance with 360 feedbacks and subsequently develop staff talent with personalised competency programs.”



We are proud to be the thought leader in our industry and we will continue to look to our clients to provide us with the innovation that challenges us to deliver on their exact business needs.

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