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video producerEnhance Your e-Learning with Video

Mediasphere offers extensive video production services as part of our content and course development services. Web-based and mobile video is an affordable and is now an essential element of online training and eLearning project.

Building Effective Online Courses with Video

All videos are not the same. Simply adding video to training and induction courses does not transform your current courses or PowerPoint presentation into engaging productions. At Mediasphere, we suggest that you use a range of video types that cater for different learning styles.

Before we explore the types of video, lets first explore and understand why video is so effective as part of your training courses. We already know that most of your people are visual learners and much of our communication is non-verbal but we still resort to old fashioned text driven training solutions.

Surely theMediasphere video research underpinning goal of your training is for your learners to LEARN and to retain key information about your information, topic business or worksite. Video is an essential tool to deliver on these outcomes as research tells us that people remember 10% of what they read, 65% of text and images and 95% of video, text and images.


The use of contextual mobile streaming video in your courses is proven to be highly effective.

Video Options in Your Online Training Courses

Mediasphere has extensive experience in the planning, recording and production of mobile videos for training programs and courses. We see that there are 4 types of videos that should consider using. These video types include:

  1. Workplace or Subject Matter Content Videos
  2. CEO Welcome Presentation Videos
  3. Sign Post Presenter Videos
  4. Scenario Branching Videos

1.    Workplace or Subject Matter Content Videos

Workplace content videos are presentations that relate exactly to your organization, industry, worksite or policies. They can be used to highlight potential dangers or examples of Best Practice in your business.

Workplace safety videosThe workplace content videos could show the following scenarios:

  • A potential safety hazard on the factory floor
  • A guided demonstration of a business process or workflow
  • The business process for contractors when visiting a site office
  • The site map or walk through of your office
  • Location and operation of fire safety devices
  • Evacuation maps and assembly points
    Safety practices in your offices

Mediasphere’s video team can visit your site and capture your videos and these are then produced and added to your courses. The same process applies if you are building content with a subject matter expert i.e. the Best Practices in Wound Management.

Use of Animation in Online Training Courses

If conventional video is not appropriate to display some specific topics, consider the use of animations and simulations that could be exported in MP4 format and streamed in your courses as videos.

workplace animation videos

In past projects, we have created animated sequences to display the following topics:

  • High level workflow processes for BHP executives
  • The correct functioning of the lungs for a health project
  • The development of workplace scenarios in the areas of discrimination and bullying in the workplace
  • Process animations to show how appartus function
  • Fire and safety dangerous situation
  • Danger in the workplace
  • Emergency evacuation and assembly point processes
  • Pilot training to simulate flight control instrumentation

The Power of Workplace Content Videos – Context & Authenticity

Mediasphere has the skills, people and expertise to create workplace videos for your eLearning Project.  As part of your video production, we suggest the use of familiar settings adds a strong sense of authenticity to your training and research accentuates that context and authenticity means that the learner can relate to the learning material and apply it directly to their role.

2.    CEO | Senior Management Welcome Videos

CEO videos i your training coursesMany of our clients prefer to commence their training courses with a welcome from the CEO or senior management. The CEO Welcome video provides a sense of connection for the learner. The video sets the tone and structure for the training and demonstrates that from the top down, that the company is committed to the online training courses.
In addition to the CEO you could consider the following videos:
•    Senior Management
•    Board Directors
•    Founders
•    Peak body representatives

3.    Sign Post Presenter Videos

The Sign Post Presenter Videos provide a vital role by introducing, consolidating and accentuating key aspects of the course. The Presenter Videos provide a human touch to your online courses and serve to replicate the most important element from face to face training – the ability for a trainer to provide a construct and pathway through the content to be presented.

presenter videosWe recommend that you use your Presenter Videos in the following ways:

  1. Always commence your course with the presenter welcoming the learner to the course
  2. In the commencement video, the presenter explains the topic and outlines the learning outcomes
  3. The Presenter then ‘chunks’ the information to be presented in the course
  4. The Presenter explains what content is to be presented in the upcoming two to three videos and what other information is to be presented
  5. This guidance should be strengthen by advising the learner what information is most important
  6. At the end of a content chunk, the Presenter can then consolidate the key learnings and then segue into the next related topic
  7. The Presenter can provide a final summary after all of the content has been presented to ensure that learner has understood the articulated learning outcomes
  8. The Presenter can pose rhetorical questions to compel the learner to reflect on their professional practice
  9. The Presenter can accentuate a pivotal piece of content
  10. The Presenter can introduce and provide context for the course assessment

4.    Scenario Branching Videos

Mediasphere is pleased to announce that our platform in 2015 features the Scenario Branching Manager. This allows you to create relasitic decision tree courses where the learner is presented with a situation or scenario and they must make a decision on how to address the problem. There decision has cascading consequences and further decisons are required.

scenario branching

Video is a powerful resource when building scenario based learning activities. Instead of just using video to explain an aspect of your business, consider creating a video that creates a real life scenario that your staff will experience.
Script the video so that it tells a story and then poses a series of questions where the learner needs to make decisions and the activity is then responsive to their decision.

Mediasphere can assist with the content and scripts for your responsive scenario based training activities.

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