Free Webinar: How to Plan for Talent Shortages

//Free Webinar: How to Plan for Talent Shortages

Free Webinar: How to Plan for Talent Shortages

The mobilisation of the workforce, accessibility of data and the shortage of quality candidates have been disruptive influences in the recruitment sector. While some agile recruitment companies have leveraged this change to offer new product and services, many of the largest recruitment companies have yet to proactively address the cyclical talent shortages which are inevitable in our world economy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rec-tech-logo

Join CEO and Managing Director of Mediasphere Tony Carrucan with Founder and CEO of RecTech Solutions Col Levander, as they discuss how your business can address   this challenge by using more creative and relevant tools and workflows throughout the entire recruitment process.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to capitalise on opportunities created by Talent Shortages
  • What the proactive recruitment evolution means for recruitment budgets and succession planning
  • The importance of powerful, personalised recruitment experiences in building Talent Pools
  • How to attract and capture Talent through intuitive and optimised technology

Who Will Be Speaking?

Tony Carrucan is the founder, CEO and Managing Director of Mediasphere. He has extensive experience leading innovation in the cloud to provide enabling solutions to business, government and education. Mediasphere provides cloud-based performance management software for corporations and governments globally. Mediasphere’s cloud applications that service the recruitment and corporate sector where recently awarded as a Global Top 10 player. The software provide self-managing portals for on-boarding, compliance, competency and verification; and also, provide CPD eCommerce portals for professional associations to boost membership and drive new revenues.

Col Levander is the Founder and CEO of RecTwech Solutions with over 25 years experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry, Col is the industry professional recruitment organisations trust to find, and implement the right solutions for their needs. With a proven track record of implementing and managing end-to-end resourcing for large industry projects, he has real world experience you can trust. Delivering Asia Pacific and global solutions to clients across the Asia Pacific Rim, he’s passionate about people, and the role work plays in their lives. A trusted advisor and specialist, integrity is a key component of his success. His commitment to best practice and excellence, combined with software design expertise has seen him become a leader in this niche market. Designing multiple enterprise software solutions for medium and large corporate recruitment businesses over the past two years, he’s focused on finding the right solutions for your business. Not interested in a one size fits all approach, you can rely on his experience and expertise to help guide your business into the future.

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Take advantage of our Free Webinar! Wednesday 16th of November 2016 | 11:00am–11:45am AEST

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